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The Heart Project

Artists Paul Brown and Linda Dement are in residence with Dr. Carmine Gentile's Lab from July to December 2021.

See the Australian Network for Art & Technology Instagram post abut the project

See more of their past work at:

The artists collaborated with Gentile Lab in 2020 making a project for Sydney Museum of Futures, for which the team created a hydrogel patch for a life sized human heart. The artwork was a museum display about choices around dying and potentials for extending life in an imagined future.

Carmine, Wafa and Sruthy with the heart

Dr. Carmine Gentile, Wafa Al Shamery and Sruthy Ghanachselvam with the heart model

3d printed heart with hydrogel patch

See more about this at:
Scroll to final exhibit You Only Die Once by Linda Dement and Paul Brown.

For the 2021 artists' residency, the artists undertake creative practice research and development towards co-production of interdisciplinary knowledge in this cutting-edge field. The artists begin with questions around the nature of bodily existence, enquiring into what it means to be human in the realm of these fast changing bio-technologies.

The heart of the matter and the literal matter of the heart are what will be cultivated, considered and worked with, between arts and science, using material processes, cutting edge technology, visual arts techniques, speculation and the imaginary.

The artists blog for the duration of the residency:

The Heart Project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

This project is part of the ANAT Synapse program supported by ANAT and the Gentile Research Group and is made possible through the generous support of the Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund

ANAT, Create NSW, Copyright Agency
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